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IT and OT need a common security culture!

26. November 2018
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With Industrie 4.0, IT and OT departments are converging more and more. Today, the two biggest problems are the inefficient communication as well as an integrated security approach for IT/OT systems. In order to overcome these challenges, industrial companies have to establish a comprehensive and common security culture. We already talked about the differences between IT […]

Benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) at a glance

26. September 2018
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In Software as a Service solutions, you accesses the corresponding IT-systems of the service provider via a web-based application. This has many benefits: Flexible & Easy Simple implementation; Information is available always and everywhere; can also be used via various devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets Scalable Users can be added or deleted as required […]

Digital Signature – what is that?

9. July 2018
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Whether at work or at home, the number of connectivity devices is increasing and so is the risk of getting malware. A growing amount of data is being exchanged via the Internet of Things. Thus protecting the data becomes extremely important, especially in the cooperate context, since sensitive customer and production data is being processed […]

IT-Security: Take action to protect your plants

11. June 2018
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Industrial Security is about securing information technology in industrial plants, including their machines and systems. Not only the IT security of the company network is important, but the security of interconnected plants and production chains. They are part of flexible value-added networks, that, as part of the digital transformation, are increasingly used to produce ever-changing […]

Software as a service in the cloud

23. April 2018
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Cloud computing is an important part of digital transformation. This includes the outsourcing of IT resources to a professional service provider – also called cloud provider.  The customer then accesses the corresponding IT-systems of the service provider via a web-based application. Basically, there are three different types of areas in which the companies can outsource […]