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Students from University of Duisburg-Essen win third Data Challenge of SMS digital

17. January 2020
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How can machine-learning algorithms help to make steel production more efficient? This was the question that 25 bachelor’s and master’s degree students from Jacobs University Bremen, the University of Duisburg-Essen, and South Ural State University in Chelyabinsk spent two months puzzling over. Now the winner has been announced: First prize in this year’s Data Challenge […]

Noodle.ai and SMS digital launch AI-fueled application for the steel industry

16. January 2020
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The AI application will help steel companies improve on-spec mechanical properties of advanced steel products to meet the highest market demands Leading Enterprise Artificial Intelligence® provider, Noodle.ai and SMS digital, the digitalization experts of SMS group, the world’s leading plant engineering group for the metal industry, today launched MPV (Mechanical Properties Variability), the first joint […]

Why design thinking doesn’t work in B2B and what you can do about it

3. December 2019
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By Marc Pudelski, SMS digital GmbH If you had the chance to start a business today, what would you focus on? Would you launch yet another e-commerce website for clothes, or would you go into trading spare parts for hot rolling mills online? Well, both ideas might work, but the trend is clear – the […]

Automated coil release made easy with QES

30. October 2019
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Even today, quality grading in most rolling plants is not an automated process. A great deal of time and effort is invested in quality supervision on a human level, for example pinpointing the exact cause of defects. Any anomalous or divergent quality data requires decisions and action to be taken by the monitoring personnel, such […]


21. June 2019
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Cutting-edge Enterprise Artificial Intelligence® and powerful process automation systems work together to maximize production yields, enhance product quality, conserve energy and reduce costs Leading Enterprise Artificial Intelligence® provider Noodle.ai and SMS group, with its digital business fields − trailblazer in digitalization for plant and equipment used in steel and nonferrous-metals production and processing − today announced a partnership […]


2. June 2019
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Bundling of resources and exchange expertise for joint platform development Cross-industry applications and services for the IIoT Deep domain knowledge to address customer needs for digital applications Voith and SMS digital, the digital subsidiary of SMS group, announce plans to bundle competencies in platform development. The aim of the cooperation is to offer platform services […]


1. June 2019
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At the Hämeenlinna plant in Finland, the Swedish steel group SSAB has implemented the alarm management system Smart Alarm, a product of SMS digital. At the end of 2018, the new infeed area including X-Pro® Laser Welder was successfully implemented in the continuous pickling line. The X-Pro® Laser Welder enables the precise and fast welding […]

Smart Alarm in practice

29. May 2019
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It’s 7:00 on Tuesday morning. Start of shift at the branch of Bharat Forge in North Rhine-Westphalia. Dirk Brozio, head of maintenance, sits at his workplace. Red and yellow bars appear on the screen in front of him, running through the picture at various intervals. Brozio explains: “This is the live alarm data that the […]

IT and OT need a common security culture!

26. November 2018
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With Industrie 4.0, IT and OT departments are converging more and more. Today, the two biggest problems are the inefficient communication as well as an integrated security approach for IT/OT systems. In order to overcome these challenges, industrial companies have to establish a comprehensive and common security culture. We already talked about the differences between IT […]

Fullstack Developer Hüseyin @ SMS digital: ” I mainly want to solve problems.”

19. November 2018
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Intelligent machines communicate with each other via IoT platforms – these are no longer dreams of the future. These platforms need to be programmed and millions of data from the machines and plants have to be analyzed. Therefore, software developers like Hüseyin are in high demand, because of the growing skills shortage. He is a […]

SMS digital at Handelsblatt Industriegipfel in Duisburg

7. November 2018
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Discussing about disruptive changes and factory 4.0. User centric development of products and production in batch size one become a major competitive factor, says Stefan Aßmann from Bosch. One further insight: the digital mindset of the employees and a close cooperation between companies finally lead to added value on the way to digitalization and Industrie […]

Your individual roadmap to digitalization – Digital Fact Finding on the mySMS group platform

17. October 2018
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We are pleased to introduce the Digital Fact Finding of SMS group on the path to a self-learning steel plant. Due to an informative benchmarking report, the key areas of activity for your digital transformation are identified and potential solutions are subsequently revealed. Get to know more about Digital Fact Finding and start your individual […]

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry: Lack of Know-how

10. October 2018
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1. Lack of Know-how Disruptive changes, like Industrie 4.0 lead to a full restructuring of an existing market. Problems are suddenly tackled and solved in a completely new way. Normally it is not part of the core competence of existing market players to initiate or to implement such a change. Because they often lack the appropriate […]

3 Questions to Shiftconnector®

8. October 2018
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Shiftconnector® in conversation with SMS digital about challenges and opportunities of Industrie 4.0. 1. What have been your customers’ biggest challenges based on digital transformation and how were you able to solve them? Shift documentation often still takes place in classic paper books. However, this form of documentation has many disadvantages. Communication is not only impeded […]

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Skills Shortage

4. October 2018
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2. Skills Shortage Digital transformation in a company can only succeed if qualified employees are involved. However, there is still a widespread deficiency. There is a chronic skills shortage and at the same time new job profiles are created with digital transformation that haven’t been there before. Companies lack the knowledge of how to develop […]

Benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) at a glance

26. September 2018
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In Software as a Service solutions, you accesses the corresponding IT-systems of the service provider via a web-based application. This has many benefits: Flexible & Easy Simple implementation; Information is available always and everywhere; can also be used via various devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets Scalable Users can be added or deleted as required […]

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Data Flood

24. September 2018
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3. Data Flood Predictive Maintenance, Smart Production, Smart Factory – these keywords are indicators for the continuous data growth. Machines are equipped with sensors collecting a multitude of data. These sensors keep getting cheaper and thus more and more machines can become “intelligent”.  However, the arising data flood can only be handled right if companies […]

Platform Economy pushes digitalization in the metal industry

19. September 2018
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SMS group uses the potentials of platform economy to consolidate its position as the leading partner in the world of metals. The emergence of digital platforms in the metal industry opens up new competitive advantages for companies, e.g. lower transaction costs, increase of revenue due to new services as well as strong customer loyalty. The spin-off […]

Digital transformation in the aluminium industry: SMS group and SMS digital at ALUMINIUM 2018

12. September 2018
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The world’s leading trade fair for the aluminium industry takes place in Düsseldorf from October 9 – 11 2018 with a spotlight on Industrie 4.0. Digital transformation is one of the most important issues for the industry. A survey with 240 aluminium experts, conducted in association with the ALUMINIUM World Trade Fair 2018, additionally revealed that […]

Digital Product Development: Lean Startup

10. September 2018
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The last article of our series is about MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), fast product development and a rapid market launch. Again, the focus is on the user. Again, the aim is to develop new digital products efficiently and in the most user centric way. And again, it is about an iterative process. In the development […]

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Data Privacy and Integrity

5. September 2018
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4. Data privacy and data integrity Digital transformation presents industrial companies with the challenge of comprehensively and effectively protecting sensitive company and customer data. More and more processes are digitalized, machines are interconnected and huge amounts of data are collected. That is how new value-added networks emerge via which industrial companies and their partners can […]

Energie Benchmark- increasing performance and reducing energy costs

3. September 2018
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Do you know how energy-efficient your plant is? Energie Benchmark from our new partner Limón identifies improvement potentials by means of a well-directed analysis and demonstrates how you can make use of energy as a competitive factor. Learn more about Energie Benchmark.

SMS digital @gamescom

30. August 2018
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Exhibitors from more than 56 countries and about 370.000 visitors came to gamescom 2018 in Cologne this month. Prior to the gamescom, SMS digital and SMS group took part in the prestigious game developers event devcom. During various presentations and discussions with several developers, we learned that the trends of the gaming industry are even relevant […]

Digital Product Development: Scrum

27. August 2018
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Scrum is one of the most popular methodologies for agile software development and is based on only a few, easy to learn rules.  Basically, it is about realizing new products fast and efficiently in self-organizing teams without additional project management. The way of working according to Scrum is incremental and iterative.  Scrum arose from the […]

Virtual and Augmented Reality in engineering

23. August 2018
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The use of cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) allows industrial companies to save time and money. Especially the design of new machines and plants can be significantly accelerated thanks to VR and AR. The training of new employees or staff can also benefit from these two technologies. The changed […]

Cybus Connectware – the connection to the digital plant

20. August 2018
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Our Industrial App Store is continuously growing: the local software of Cybus makes machine data and process data available for every application and cloud solution. Cybus is a universal connector integrating existing and new machines in no time. Via an end-to-end encryption and an independent access management, you keep control over the incoming and outgoing […]

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Lack of Standards

15. August 2018
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To permanently establish Industry 4.0, the existing isolated solutions have to make way for consistent standards. A fully interconnected “Smart Factory” only works if the collected machine data is exchanged and used. That does not only concern the plant itself but also new emerging value-added networks. But developing new standards in comprehensive committees mostly takes […]

Digital Product Development: Design Thinking

8. August 2018
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Design Thinking is an approach for solving problems and finding new innovative ideas creatively. Products, which are developed that way, always consider the requirements of the user and how the product can fulfill them best.  Interdisciplinary teams work together in iterative processes, involve the customer right from the start and quickly develop first prototypes. Based […]

Exclusive Industry 4.0 trainings for all members of the mySMS group platform

3. August 2018
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Our partner University4Industry offers the opportunity to gain exclusive insights to relevant issues of Industry 4.0. Theory is fine and dandy, but how can knowledge be transferred into practice? The free learning videos and tests give, among others, answers to the following questions: How can methods of Advanced Analytics or Machine Learning help using data […]

3D Printing: Innovation Through Additive Manufacturing

1. August 2018
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Industrial companies hope to fully flexibilize their production with Industry 4.0. Ideally, all component parts are constructed in a highly customer-oriented way, in batch size 1 and preferably in real time. This sounds like a futuristic vision, but it is already reality in the production of spare parts. Thanks to additive manufacturing, the first individually […]