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3 Questions to Shiftconnector®

Shiftconnector® in conversation with SMS digital about challenges and opportunities of Industrie 4.0.

1. What have been your customers’ biggest challenges based on digital transformation and how were you able to solve them?

Shift documentation often still takes place in classic paper books. However, this form of documentation has many disadvantages. Communication is not only impeded by the limited physical availability, but it is also difficult to analyze and process the collected data further.

Paper books and Excel tables are a thing of the past with Shiftconnector® io. A central communication and documentation platform connects all specialists and managers. Company-wide documentation standards can be established. The data in Shiftconnector® io can be analyzed to find optimization potentials or sources of error and to initiate improvements. All information is known and stored in a revision-proof manner. Information is clearly prepared for the supervisors. Reports can be viewed live at any time. Direct communication with shift teams simplifies operations management.

2. Why did you become a member of the industrial platform mySMS group?

Due to the easy adaptability of our software to the special requirements of our customers, we can also offer our software to customers from the metal industry. With our innovative software, we offer companies software that can be easily integrated into their operations to prepare for the age of “Industrie 4.0”.

3. Do you have some advice for other industrial companies considering Industrie 4.0 and digitalization?

Industrial companies should not be afraid to tackle digitization projects. Implementing Industrie 4.0 software opens the door to increased efficiency and effectiveness. The use of software can also secure the exchange of information within a company. The hurdles on the way there, depending on the software solution, can be lower than expected, because the roll-out of such a solution can be done with very manageable effort.

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