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Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – High investment costs

7. High investment costs

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promise companies competitive advantages and an innovative boost. However, many companies are put off by the investment costs. Especially SMEs are uncertain about how to tackle a digital transformation strategy in general and which investment costs lie ahead of them. That does not have to be!

Because a key aspect of digital transformation is using modern technologies, including e.g. cloud solutions. They allow the access to fitting software, platforms and infrastructure. At the same time, they provide flexible payment models. Thus, customers only pay the service they make use of.

SMS digital offers e.g. a multitude of intelligent, web-based applications especially for the metal industry. They are available for the customers on the digital mySMS group platform. As needed, the customer can use one single or several applications via the platform. In addition, the Cloud Service interconnects all services of SMS digital and forms the technical backbone of their own IIoT. This service is tailored to the needs of the metal industry and is flexibly invoiced as well.

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