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Digital Signature – what is that?

Whether at work or at home, the number of connectivity devices is increasing and so is the risk of getting malware. A growing amount of data is being exchanged via the Internet of Things. Thus protecting the data becomes extremely important, especially in the cooperate context, since sensitive customer and production data is being processed here constantly.  The intelligent connectivity of all devices is therefore not only advantageous, but also involves a new type of threat that companies need to be aware of.

That is where digital signatures, which ensure the protection of your data, come in. This technology is used to verify the authenticity and integrity of the data source.

The digital signature closes security gaps

Digital Signatures are unique fingerprints that are assigned to messages by using a private key. These fingerprints are then sent to the recipient and act as proof of their authenticity and integrity. The recipient can check this fingerprint with key verification to make sure that the one who has created the signature and sent the data is authenticated by the recipient. Finally, with the IoT, digital signatures become a necessary security precaution without which the risk of cyber-attacks increases. In summary, companies must now diligently address the issue of IT security and develop a sustainable security strategy to be able to face the challenges of today’s IoT.


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