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Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Knowledge management

10. Knowledge Management

In the increasingly networked and flexible value chains, important information have to be available to everyone in an easy and fast way. But how can you find existing knowledge, manage it in a smart way and make it generally available? Knowledge transfer only succeeds through interaction. That is why companies have to allow their employees, customers and partners an easy and convenient exchange.

This works best via digital platforms, social sharing and the usage of innovative apps. Social sharing means that users can share content on a digital platform in an easy and fast way. The basic requirement is attractive and interesting content of course. Otherwise no one will click the “share button”. Modern apps make it easy to provide content and make it generally accessible.

Smart Alarm for example visualizes all alarms in one clearly structured dashboard. Maintenance measures and solution paths that emerge from an alarm situation are easy to document and are recorded directly with the alarm. This way, nothing important gets lost and all information are immediately available in case of a renewed alarm.

Shiftconnector is an interactive shift log. It facilitates the communication and documentation of the entire manufacturing plant. The web-based application acts as a central information system for all shift teams. Shiftconnector provides all shift information at a glance, facilitates the issuing of shift reports and saves all shift notes, tasks and instructions in an end-to-end changelog.

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