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News: Germany is not yet ready for Industry 4.0

The Automation Readiness Index 2018

The Economist Intelligence Unit study compares countries around the world and shows how far they have advanced in terms of automation. The digital transformation brings new technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) with it, enhancing the question of future challenges and opportunities. Experts from business and universities evaluate the current situation.

Read full report: automationreadiness.eiu.com

Concern for privacy and data security

Only 24 percent of all machines in german factories are connected to the Internet. “Tomorrow’s business is all digital and we have to be prepared for that,” says Achim Berg, Bitkom President. In the digital transformation, the traditional production merges with the Internet – people, and machines are closely connected. Nevertheless, almost 10% of german industrial companies say that Industry 4.0 is not an issue for them. High investment costs, uncertainties regarding data protection and data security as well as an urgent lack of skilled workers are inhibiting the development of companies towards new innovative business models.

Read full report: bitkom.org (german)


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