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MVP (Minimal Viable Product) – what is that?

The origin of the term Minimal Viable Products lies in the Silicon Valley. Is an idea promising? Can it work? Such questions can be answered quickly by using and MVP and without great expense or time.

The goal is not to develop an all-embracing product, but rather to validate ideas and create the ability to innovate faster than the competitors. After the quick development, the MVP is tested with users to see if the first hypotheses are true or if one of them needs to be reoriented. The result is a product that can be used quickly and generates added value for the user. Subsequently, it is optimized in several steps – so-called iterations – and supplemented with other valuable features that are desired by the user.

By the way, the applications of the SMS digital are also developed in that way of working. Therefore, the feedback from our members of the mySMS group platform is an important part of the development of our products.

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