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SMS digital summer festival

17. September 2018
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Last Friday, the annual summer festival of the Schwanenhöfe took place – SMS digitalis was also involved. With colleagues and partners, we had a great evening with delicious food and a varied entertainment. Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us!

Digital transformation in the aluminium industry: SMS group and SMS digital at ALUMINIUM 2018

12. September 2018
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The world’s leading trade fair for the aluminium industry takes place in Düsseldorf from October 9 – 11 2018 with a spotlight on Industrie 4.0. Digital transformation is one of the most important issues for the industry. A survey with 240 aluminium experts, conducted in association with the ALUMINIUM World Trade Fair 2018, additionally revealed that […]

Digital Product Development: Lean Startup

10. September 2018
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The last article of our series is about MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), fast product development and a rapid market launch. Again, the focus is on the user. Again, the aim is to develop new digital products efficiently and in the most user centric way. And again, it is about an iterative process. In the development […]

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Data Privacy and Integrity

5. September 2018
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4. Data privacy and data integrity Digital transformation presents industrial companies with the challenge of comprehensively and effectively protecting sensitive company and customer data. More and more processes are digitalized, machines are interconnected and huge amounts of data are collected. That is how new value-added networks emerge via which industrial companies and their partners can […]

Energie Benchmark- increasing performance and reducing energy costs

3. September 2018
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Do you know how energy-efficient your plant is? Energie Benchmark from our new partner Limón identifies improvement potentials by means of a well-directed analysis and demonstrates how you can make use of energy as a competitive factor. Learn more about Energie Benchmark.

SMS digital @gamescom

30. August 2018
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Exhibitors from more than 56 countries and about 370.000 visitors came to gamescom 2018 in Cologne this month. Prior to the gamescom, SMS digital and SMS group took part in the prestigious game developers event devcom. During various presentations and discussions with several developers, we learned that the trends of the gaming industry are even relevant […]

Digital Product Development: Scrum

27. August 2018
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Scrum is one of the most popular methodologies for agile software development and is based on only a few, easy to learn rules.  Basically, it is about realizing new products fast and efficiently in self-organizing teams without additional project management. The way of working according to Scrum is incremental and iterative.  Scrum arose from the […]

Virtual and Augmented Reality in engineering

23. August 2018
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The use of cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) allows industrial companies to save time and money. Especially the design of new machines and plants can be significantly accelerated thanks to VR and AR. The training of new employees or staff can also benefit from these two technologies. The changed […]

Cybus Connectware – the connection to the digital plant

20. August 2018
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Our Industrial App Store is continuously growing: the local software of Cybus makes machine data and process data available for every application and cloud solution. Cybus is a universal connector integrating existing and new machines in no time. Via an end-to-end encryption and an independent access management, you keep control over the incoming and outgoing […]

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Lack of Standards

15. August 2018
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To permanently establish Industry 4.0, the existing isolated solutions have to make way for consistent standards. A fully interconnected “Smart Factory” only works if the collected machine data is exchanged and used. That does not only concern the plant itself but also new emerging value-added networks. But developing new standards in comprehensive committees mostly takes […]

News: Voestalpine ordered stainless steel plant from SMS group

13. August 2018
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An SMS group steel plant was ordered by Voestalpine Böhler Edelstahl. The plant will have a size of 50.000 sq m and it will set new standards in energy efficiency and innovative automation of the production processes, according to SMS group. Read more about it: steeltimesint.com China plans to reduce steel production To reduce air […]

Digital Product Development: Design Thinking

8. August 2018
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Design Thinking is an approach for solving problems and finding new innovative ideas creatively. Products, which are developed that way, always consider the requirements of the user and how the product can fulfill them best.  Interdisciplinary teams work together in iterative processes, involve the customer right from the start and quickly develop first prototypes. Based […]

Exclusive Industry 4.0 trainings for all members of the mySMS group platform

3. August 2018
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Our partner University4Industry offers the opportunity to gain exclusive insights to relevant issues of Industry 4.0. Theory is fine and dandy, but how can knowledge be transferred into practice? The free learning videos and tests give, among others, answers to the following questions: How can methods of Advanced Analytics or Machine Learning help using data […]

3D Printing: Innovation Through Additive Manufacturing

1. August 2018
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Industrial companies hope to fully flexibilize their production with Industry 4.0. Ideally, all component parts are constructed in a highly customer-oriented way, in batch size 1 and preferably in real time. This sounds like a futuristic vision, but it is already reality in the production of spare parts. Thanks to additive manufacturing, the first individually […]

DepotCity – The Warehouse Solution Of The 21st Century

30. July 2018
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DepotCity offers comprehensive storage and fulfillment solutions where you rent and pay a stockyard only if you really need it – without minimum term. Using DepotCity you do not need any knowledge of logistics. In addition, thanks to transparent price and process structures, you can focus on your core business. Learn more about Depotcity.

Digital Product Development Made Easy

26. July 2018
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Digital products are a very important part of digital transformation. This raises many questions, especially for SMEs: How to tackle the development of digital products? Which methodologies are available? Which one fits best? In our new series, we will show you what this is about and what is important in this context. The first article […]

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Lack of willingness to embrace Digital Transformation

23. July 2018
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6. Lack of willingness to embrace Digital Transformation In 2016, a survey of the Institute of German Economy in Cologne states that SMEs hesitate to occupy themselves with digital transformation. Not much has changed since then. Many companies declare that they are inhibited by their employees’ resistance to change. In addition, they are still uncertain […]

Cross Connected®: Industrial planning processes via Virtual Reality

18. July 2018
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The VR tool Cross Connected® from our new partner R3DT simplifies a fast development of virtual prototypes. Plants and processes can be visualized better and reviewed faster thanks to the VR tool. As a consequence, the development of new products is accelerated, time-to market is reduced and money is saved. Get to know more about […]

News: Hannover Messe in the USA

16. July 2018
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The German Hannover Messe is coming to the International Manufacturing Show IMTS on 10-15 September 2018 in Chicago. Together, they aim to bring about the largest event of manufacturing technology in Northern America. According to the organizer, 115.000 international visitors have already registered to exchange about topics such as integrated automation. Read more about it: […]

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – High investment costs

12. July 2018
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7. High investment costs Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promise companies competitive advantages and an innovative boost. However, many companies are put off by the investment costs. Especially SMEs are uncertain about how to tackle a digital transformation strategy in general and which investment costs lie ahead of them. That does […]

Digital Signature – what is that?

9. July 2018
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Whether at work or at home, the number of connectivity devices is increasing and so is the risk of getting malware. A growing amount of data is being exchanged via the Internet of Things. Thus protecting the data becomes extremely important, especially in the cooperate context, since sensitive customer and production data is being processed […]

Shiftconnector – The interactive Shiftbook that improves your machine efficency

6. July 2018
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An improved overall equipment efficiency and Shiftconnector – how are they linked? A transparent exchange of information about the availability and performance of a plant helps to analyze and evaluate the overall equipment efficiency and to minimize losses. In addition, potential optimizations can be identified and used on management, maintenance and shift level, thanks to […]

IT versus OT – what is it all about?

4. July 2018
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Industry 4.0 is characterized by an increasing connectivity of plants and the comprising analysis and evaluation of the collected data. This development causes two separate worlds to grow together– the Information Technology (IT) and the Operational Technology (OT). We are going to explain what IT and OT are about and how they can benefit from […]

How to realize your digital potential

2. July 2018
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German small and mid-sized companies can generate up to 126 billion Euro of additional added-value with consistent digital transformation until 2025. This is based on the McKinsey & Company’s study “Die Digitalisierung des deutschen Mittelstands”. In comparison to other industries the biggest potential can be found, amongst others, in the metal and electrical industry – namely […]

Aucobo: Smartwatches increase the efficiency of your production

2. July 2018
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We are pleased to welcome aucobo in our Industrial App Store. Smartwatches connect people and machines and simplify the communication among employees. This guarantees an effective communication without unnecessary coordination or detours. Important information gets immediately to the right person. Get to know more about aucobo.

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Availability of digital infrastructures

25. June 2018
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8. Availability of digital infrastructures Digital transformation revolutionizes the metal industry. Software, that intelligently collects data, becomes the most important competitive factor. That means, that the underlying infrastructure has to be available 24/7! Industrial companies cannot achieve this alone, because it requires high investments in areas that are not their core business. Luckily, there is […]

HOLOneering: Augmented reality for production technology

20. June 2018
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We welcome a new partner in our Industrial App Store. HOLOneering expands the real world with simulation results, measurement data and CAD geometries via augmented reality. Using augmented reality glasses, simulation results can be visualized in a minimum of time. This eliminates the need for expensive measurement technology to compare simulation and component. Get to […]

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Scalability of software projects

18. June 2018
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9. Scalability of software projects Digital transformation and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) put high requirements on the scalability of software projects. In times of Big Data and an increasing connectivity, software has to be highly efficient and flexibly expandable. The vertical as well as the horizontal scalability have to be taken into account. More […]

Digital transformation: How far along is the German Metal Industry?

14. June 2018
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In terms of digital transformation, the German metal industry is not as advanced as other industries. The steel industry can act as an enabler and open up the potential of digital transformation within the added-value network. Large-scale enterprises are way out in front of everyone. The small business sector must be careful not to miss […]

Scitis.io: Valuable process know-how from your machine data

12. June 2018
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We are pleased to welcome scitis.io as another partner on our platform. Thanks to the set of tools of scitis.io, your machine and plant data is managed and evaluated in the cloud. This enables a real-time analysis of processes and optimizes them using machine learning. Due to the modular structure of the CloudPlugs, the most […]